Thursday, December 16, 2004

Bah Humbug!

Although Genesis tells me why I have been given "the curse", the emotional crap that goes along with it is really annoying and altogether unfair. If it is just pain in childbirth, okay. I'm done with all that. Hah! but why do I have days (as in not A day, but three days and counting so far this month) where I want to rip people's head off for anything and everything. Where's the Prozac when you really need it?

I once had an elderly neighbor who bemoaned the loss of her menstral cycle, saying she didn't feel like a woman anymore. I still think she was insane. If a menstral cycle makes me a woman, then I think I'll be gender neutral.

Perhaps the reason for menstruation and the accompanying pain, cramping, bloating, irritability and crying is so that we will welcome old age. Here's the tradeoff: I give up all of that in exchange for some wrinkles and gray hair. My mother says I also get incontinence, arthritis, loss of memory, and a host of other fun things, but for now, give me my dream of a simple trade-off. I'll think about the rest of that later.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Under My Skin

What is it about that one guy at the office that just gets under my skin? Part of it is he puts off a nervous frazzled energy that generates that same response within me. I don't do nervous. I don't do frazzled. So when the carrier gets around to passing it along, I react. Badly.

Then I let every little thing get under my skin. Every. Little. Thing. Every dot of red ink. Every corrected document that comes back cut apart and taped together in new and irritating ways. And why can we never get it right the first time? Or even the second? Why do we have endless time for changes and corrections, but never enough time to do it right the first time?

I have gotten to where I don't give him the completed work until the last minute because it gives him less time to change his mind. I'm heading in right now to steal all his red pens. Hah!