Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

This weekend I have been to DIA three times and the Colorado Springs airport twice. My husband flew in Wednesday night from his job in Las Vegas. We spent Thanksgiving with my dad and 24 friends from church. It was such fun! More food than you can imagine, then a card game called hand and foot that went on for hours. It was great fun.

Friday morning (early) my husband flew to Texas to see his younger brother before he gets shipped off to Iraq. His flight was delayed and missed his connection, so he got in about 5 hours late. Boy was he mad. I picked him up the next afternoon. We went from the airport to the movie theater where we saw August Rush. I highly recommend it, and my husband even said he would buy the DVD. Amazing. My youngest called while we were in the theater, so I called him as soon as we left. He needed to be picked up at DIA this morning and driven back to Golden. Did I know anyone who would do that? he asked innocently. Right. I'm thinking the only people who would drive to DIA to meet a 7:30 flight and drive you to Golden before heading back to the Springs for church are......hmmmm.....let me's coming to me.......oh, that's right, your parents! Even if they have to turn around and drive back to DIA the same day!I have spent 8 hours on the road today. I'm whipped.

Oh, I did stop by Kohl's on my way back from the airport Friday morning. It was amazing. I was in the checkout line for over an hour. I have a bad habit of shopping when I'm upset, and I was kind of bummed that my husband was going to his brother's. So I decided, what better day of the year to buy socks? That's right, socks are about the cheapest they will be all year during the early bird specials on Black Friday. Plus I needed pillows for our coming houseguests. (Would someone tell me, please, where the pillows disappeared to that I bought last year for guests?) I stuffed the packages of socks in the pillow bags, along with two new bras (how can you argue with 50% off, and my style and size in stock?), a sheet for the portable crib for when my grandson visits for Christmas, and as I rounded the last bend and the registers were in sight, I grabbed a lovely rose/brick cable knit turtleneck sweater I just knew would go with my Ralph Lauren skirt from Goodwill.

While in line I ran into my best friend from Arizona, up visiting the families for the weekend, out shopping with her beautiful sisters.

Anyway to make a long story well.....less long, I suppose, I spent so long gripping the bags on those pillows that I hurt my biceps. The next day I couldn't figure out why I hurt so I had been weightlifting! I couldn't even hold my cell phone to my ear. If I ever do something as stupid as that again, I must plead disability and find some kind soul who will round up a cart for me or simply not go.