Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Speak To Me

A friend recently suggested that I begin posting the items I usually send to my friend list by email, so I will make the attempt to pull out some of the past stuff and post it here as I have time.

Speak To Me
He spent my whole life list'ning to my voice
When have I stopped to listen to his?
In the noise of my own voice saying what I want, how I feel
His gentle words can scarcely be heard

Speak to me now, LordI'm listening
Trying to quiet my thoughts to hear yours
But Fear is saying that you want to ask me
For things I will not want to give.

You spent my whole life hearing my struggle
Did I break your heart when I said I'm afraid?
I cannot do this thing you are asking, without you,
So help me now Lord to simply give in.

Speak to me now, LordI'm listening
Quiet my heart to listen to yours
Help me to trust in your tender compassion
To give up my trash for the treasures of you

Speak to me now, LordI'm listening.

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