Friday, August 25, 2006

God is Not Enough

Years ago as I was struggling with thoughts of suicide and needing to find a reason to go on, I had a vision. It was my children, my neighbors, friends, co-workers, etc. standing around my tombstone. The inscription read "GOD IS NOT ENOUGH". To this day this haunts me. It is the message my life would have given had I given in and taken my own life.

I have been with people whose loved ones took this out. It is perhaps the most hostile act I can imagine short of murder toward those who love you. You never know who is watching you as an example. You never know who is reading your story, watching your life to see if what you believe is true--if the God you claim is faithful and trustworthy.

In one act I could have forever told my children that God is not faithful, that he is unreliable and that his promises are not true. I would have said to my neighbors that I served a lie and that the Bible did not have the answers and was not the source of truth, help, encouragement, and life.

I want my life to say "Look what God can do with little!" I want my life to point the way to the Jesus who paid my penalty, to the God who gave himself for me. I want my life to glorify the Creator of the Universe who has made me his child and calls me his own. I want my tombstone to be able to say that I followed God in gratitude for his mercy by which he saved me. It should read, "GOD IS MORE THAN ENOUGH FOR EVERY HURT, EVERY NEED, EVERY SINNER".

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