Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Moses and Peter

I was reading in Exodus today the record of Moses, as he argued with God. "They won't believe you sent me." So God gave him the words to say and signs to convince them. He persisted and then objected, but I can't speak well. I'm don't speak clearly or quickly. You know, he told God, hey, you got the wrong guy. I'm not a public speaker. I can't do what you told me. It's almost as if he was saying he had a speech impediment.

You know what God's response was? He said, aren't I the one who made you? Don't you think I can give you the ability you need?

On a day when I am feeling like such a failure for my inability to keep a clean, orderly and organized house, feeling defeated by my FM, my ADD, my arthritis...it's as if God reached down and said, Do you think I'm surprised by any of this? I know all about your physical disabilities. If you will depend on me, I will give you the strength and resources to do this job.

So, what I need to to is really depend on God for all, refusing to give in to defeat. If he says I can do this, then he will give me the ability and I will know it is him and not me, cause I've given it over 25 years in my own strength and my own striving.

So, I worked as long as I could on the problem, quitting only when the aching go too bad. I intended it to be a break, but the ache didn't leave. Sometimes it affects me that way, one arm or the other, sometimes both, a leg, the back, the neck, ankles, someplace will develop an ache that makes me feel I have no strength left. I have to convince myself that I have the strength to drive, or pick things up or grab a book, whatever.

Perhaps that is the issue. Perhaps most of us have strength we don't know about, because we are created in the image of God. So if the creator says, "I want you to do this" then you can count on him to give you his strength and wisdom. Not to make you someone entirely different, but empowering you with His strength in your weakness.

After all, Peter walked on the water when Jesus called. You know what's interesting? The original language (I have been told) makes it clear that Jesus wasn't speaking just to Peter when he gave the invitation. Peter was the only one who stepped out of the boat.

Moses balked and God provided a mouthpiece for him through Aaron. Peter stepped out in faith and walked on water. Moses journey took him back to Egypt and into the company of slaves distressed with their bondage. It took him to face Pharaoh over and over and over. It took him to lead the Israelites out of Egypt and through the desert. Peter's journey took him over the side of the boat. It seemed to be a short journey, but Peter walked by Jesus' side when the soldier's came to take him away. He leaped to his defense and cut off a soldier's ear. He followed closed by, scared and alone, as Jesus was tried illegally. His failures were noted, but following Jesus' death and resurrection, and the day of Pentecost, Peter spoke openly to the crowd about Jesus.

So I can be empowered to do the things that I need to do as well.

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