Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where He Leads Me...

I was comfortably assuring myself that God did NOT have a move in mind for us, and that he was testing me, asking me the Moses type question "Are you willing?" And I confidently answered "yes". That's fine.

Then Steve lost his job. Called all over looking for work and the job that came was in Las Vegas. Still fine, after all, like most construction jobs, this is temporary. Except that when he arrived they told him they want him to relocate. Relocate! To Las Vegas? Sin City? Desert? Barren? Las Vegas?!?! So I told the Lord that I said I would go and I will, but I would rather not. I don't want to, but I will obey.

So....the short version is I don't know. Steve does not want to live in Las Vegas long-term, and it really isn't possible for us to do anything before summer, anyway. We are kind of in limbo. It seems fairly expensive to live there, my schooling would have to wait due to non-resident tuition rates, my parents are here and dad is in poor health, and my church is here.

Yes. I will go. Wherever He sends me I will go.

I am prepared for: staying here with Steve working away for a while, moving to Las Vegas temporarily, as Steve says no way will we sell our house, and even for a total change of mind on his part that says we are moving. I'm trying to make sure I am following the cloud.

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