Monday, October 20, 2008


On Saturday I attended a seminar at church "Who is God?" on the nature of God. To my dismay and continuing horror, I sat unmoved. I sat down later to write the following:

How can I sit here unmoved
By the God over all creation
The Glorious One.
Why does my heart beat calm in my chest
As we study your righteousness
Why does my soul not cause me to shout
or fall on my face and weep.

How can I hear of your glory
and sit and nod quietly
Surely the trees were clapping their hands
and the rocks cried of your majesty
Because I sat silently.

Turn my heart from this lukewarm mass
to flesh that's alive in you
Forgive me for my callousness
Oh Lord, please make me new.

Awake me to your presence God
Tear all the deadness away.

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Mom McD said...

I too have had those occasions just as you have written, Kim. You related it so beautifully. I think we all are just a bit (or maybe a lot) overwhelmed with the situation in the world of late. I know I have to calm myself by reminding myself-'to be still and know that I am God' I guess sometimes we have to' be still' longer than we are used to. That is hard in our society-I feel quietness and reflection, meditation are perhaps looked upon as non productive, especially in a society that values multi-tasking so much. I think perhaps, I have taken on too much of 'the world'