Saturday, January 10, 2009

Working on a week-long headache.

So for 6, 7 or 8 days now (I've lost count.) I've had a very bad headache. I have had 3 chiropractic treatments, 2 migraine sprays (or is it 3?), many ibuprofen and excedrin, used ice packs, slept with a roll carefully placed under my neck, done neck excersizes, done relaxation...but the headache seems to only receed for brief periods only to return for no apparent reason.

So today, I am still sitting in my pajamas at 2:05 pm [In my shame I took a moment to go get dressed.] I am wallowing in movies. Thanks to my son, I have found HULU. I have not figured out all the things on this site, but I have watched a few movies (with brief commercial interruptions)and sat here, hoping to rid myself of this headache through rest and relaxation.

I need to go see a friend who I have put off this week, and go visit uncle Rob in hospice. I was so hoping to have my headache gone. Yikes!

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