Monday, March 30, 2009

Prayer Pictures

You held me in your hands
Molded me from the clay
As potter's will do
you placed your mark on me.

You placed your thumbprint on my heart
Before I was fully formed
You shouted to the heavens with joy and delight,
"She's mine."
But gazing into my unborn face
into eyes that had never seen
and into my ears that could barely hear
your whisper, you said, "You're mine."

"She's mine."
You shouted to the hosts in heaven,
And to the people below
You said, in a quiet voice,
from which thunderclouds form,
"She's mine."

It was a declaration,
It was a clear warning,
to those who would try to hurt me.
And You spoke the promise to me,
"You're mine."

But before you were done,
You took your thumb,
And placed your mark in my heart.
The thumbprint invisible,
yet irremovable,
the mark of your eternal care
and as your thumbs gently stroked my face
and your words whispered down
with the light of love on your face
you declared your intentions.
You set your plans in place.

Where some saw a poor, broken deformed child,
You said I was perfectly formed
For you had a purpose
and you had a plan
to use me for healing and grace
and here in the secret place of my heart
the place that I thought was condemned,
when your blood washed away my sin,
the cleansing flood revealed your mark
that said I was yours from the start.

"She's mine."
You cried to the heavens,
to the ends of the sea your words rang.
"She's mine."
You cried to the princes of earth
to every one who had ears for your song
you sang your protection for me.
"She's mine."

I'm yours.
How could it be different,
when you spoke your words over me.
You said I was precious, beautiful and loved,
but the best thing that you said to me
Is I'm yours.

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