Monday, April 20, 2009

Just a thought...

Today I am thinking about the gift of music. I am just revelling in the music from worship yesterday and what a joy that was for me. I had scripture running through my head throughout the morning and was enjoying such a sweet time of loving communion and praise to God. I was unable to stand for the service elements, and could barely even sit on the stool, I was so terribly uncomfortable physically, but the sweetness of the praise, the wonder of being able to call out "Holy, Holy, Holy" to the Lord God Almighty and to the Lamb, just as the seraphim do... I have a hard time describing it.

Tonight I went to see one of the young men from church in his school's presentation of "Beauty and the Beast". It was such a pleasure to see, and the music, though flawed, was wonderful and the acting was quite good. It reminds me of how great our maker is. He invented music, he invented dance and movement. He created us for such sweet moments with himself and with others. We are to glorify him, and he seems to delight in providing sweetness for us.

Thank you, Father for such sweetness. And thank you for allowing me to sit next to the precious baby and watch his delight and wonder, when I am so very far away from my grandbaby. It brough me such pleasure to watch him and to think about how much fun Timmy would have had tonight.

Goodnight children, goodnight friends. You are in my thoughts tonight.

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