Thursday, August 03, 2006

What’s growing in my garden…

Allium (at least that’s what I think I’ve got growing in my garden) The purple one, not the little yellow dill.

Annual Fleabane – Not technically in my garden, this has volunteered in a future bed.

Blue flax – I have two kinds of flax growing and have harvested seed from one kind. The other one doesn’t have seed heads yet.

Chrysanthemum – mine are yellow, but haven’t bloomed well the past couple of years since they’ve been choked by curly dock, which I have been pulling out this year.

Columbine – Although mine doesn’t like where I have transplanted it this year and has not flowered.

Dianthus – I have different colors – this one and a couple of shades of red.

Dill (the tiny yellow flower, not the big light purple one)



Marigold – French marigold is growing in different sizes and shades.

Pansy – this flowered even in the depths of winter. Who would have guessed?



Salvia – this has gotten woody and thin. I’m not sure why. It used to be a beautiful plant.

Snapdragon - Mine aren’t doing well this year, perhaps due to crowding and a late start.

Spearmint/Peppermint – This is awesome, and makes wonderful tea.

Tarragon – particularly wonderful in chicken dishes, this herb has many wonderful uses.

Thyme – mine has a wonderful lemony scent and flavor that is a wonderful tea when steeped in boiling water and the result poured over ice.

Verbena – a favorite of mine, I hope this comes back next year.

Yarrow - the version I have is pink, though it seems to get a little paler each year.

Yellow Toadflax “wild snapdragon” – Mom warned me this would take over, and it is, but I’m enjoying it.

Zinnia – red, pink and orange flowers in both flower beds. It would be great if it reseeds itself.

Sunflowers – I shouldn't even include these, because I've pulled most of them out and will probably pull out the rest if they keep refuse to grow upright and fall all over my flowers. These volunteered from seed fallen out of my bird feeders.

Well, this is a lot, but not all of what is growing at my house. How about yours?

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Beth said...

Gorgeous photos - what a great post! (and a great garden)!