Sunday, October 01, 2006

Holy is the Lord

Holy is the Lord and worthy of all praise. Worthy of all honor and glory and praise. Worthy of the song of the stars, the whisper of the wind in the trees, the rustle of grass in the breeze, of birdsong, of the brilliance of the sun, the glisten off streams, worthy of the adoration of choirs of angels. Worthy of the praise of his people.

His Holiness is above all I can think. His worth is above anything I can offer. His glory is beyond my comprehension. His greatness of his gift is unknowable, His thoughts unreachable, His mercy unsurpassable. He is more than I can ever know, or appreciate.

He is THE author of all words, his the Creator who inspires all creativity, He's the conductor, the songwriter, the craftsman creating the vessels to sing his song. He's the painter, his the palette. All creation owes the intricacy of it's design to Him

Oh God. You are worthy. You alone. You alone are worthy of worship. You alone the source of glory. You are the source, the inspiration, the ultimate act of love. Your gift is unapproachable, immeasurable, overwhelming.

I thank you with everything I am able, and offer you all the love I am capable of. Let my life give you glory. Let the weakness in me reveal your strength and be glorifying to you.

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