Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dark Corners

When we are depressed, everyone immediately seems to tell you to reach for a bottle of medication. I don't have an objection to the medication, but sometimes we are depressed because there is something in our life we haven't dealt with and we need to ferrit out the buried problems and make what changes we can or learn to accept the unchangeable, rather than let it be a constant source of frustration. There have been some struggles that I have really needed to take a look at, but some things needed to come to light before I could know whether what was niggling at me was an awareness of a bigger problem or whether it was an over-reaction or unfounded fear. Some things have resolved themselves for better or worse, and some others are coming to light and I'm not liking what I'm seeing. The depression is that I don't want these things to be true. I don't want to make the decisions that these things require. I've been hoping I was wrong, but alas.

Still, whatever the problem, I guess it's better to have it coming to light rather than in the dark. In the dark you don't know what that noise is. You don't know if the crash you heard in the dark is a rake finally succumbing to gravity or an intruder bent on theft or worse. The eyes peering from a dark corner could be your cat or a rabid raccoon. Anyway, I've gone on too long with my illustration.

It appears that it's not the family cat in the corner, but it's not clear whether the raccoon is tame or rabid.

I'm not prepared to go into all the details, but it's not clear whether the worship team is working out, and the time I've spent waiting for dawn to see what was waiting in the corner has been trying. And now, I am waiting some more to find out whether the raccoon is one I can live with or not.

I'm so sad it wasn't the family cat.

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