Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Melt Down

My third week of the semester is now over. Last night, as I was rehearsing my 1st major speech for Public Speaking, I realized that the hours I spent on it were mostly wasted. I had too much information for the time allotted and there was no way to say what I wanted within the appropriate time frame, and had to shift the focus a bit. I was in meltdown mode when my husband asked me what the point was I was trying to get across. Yikes! If he didn't know I hadn't made the point. I had spent hours and hours working on a four minute speech. How am I going to make it through college if I can't prepare a four minute speech in under an hour or two? I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.

If you already knew how to do this you wouldn't need the class, my husband said. He was right, but I glared and said something nasty anyway. I am frustrated by how much time I've wasted. Clearly this semester is about learning how to study, how to manage time, how to determine the expectations and from there figuring out the most efficient way of meeting them.

The speech was pulled together, though not rehearsed as thoroughly as I prefer, and went off reasonably well, though I need to do a better job at time management.

Upon completing my speech outline in the proper format, I needed to print the paper I had written for Critical Thinking: Logic and Reason. It was nowhere to be found. It completely disappeared. The entire paper. Not so much as a draft. I remember writing it, and merely needed to rewrite the remembered argument. I probably used slightly different examples, but it was done, leaving me less than five hours of sleep. I don't manage well on this little sleep, and feel as if I need a serious nap.

Man, its a good thing I'm only half-time this semester. I might be a crazy person otherwise. Wait. Too late. I'm already there, at least half way.

Still waiting on the eye doctor. Horrid not being able to read without headaches. Three weeks before my appointment. nearly three weeks after being put on the cancellation list. Out of six eye doctors in the practice not one cancellation for me! Ah well. This will pass. Once I have the right prescription I will forget all of this.


My purple roses are in full bloom. Absolutely gorgeous and the scent is heavenly. The rich pink in the front yard has finally recovered from an incident with a weed whacker earlier this year. It has the most beautiful large roses. Absolutely perfect. The one single bloom is worth an entire year of watching the plant.

I was going to attend a speech this afternoon at 4:30 for extra credit, but I'm so tired I think I'll go ahead and take a nap. Off to sleep now.

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