Saturday, September 08, 2007

"Stardust" Movie Review

I have to admit that the trailers did not inspire me to go see this film, and I probably would never have seen it at all if a friend hadn't said how much they liked it and that it was actually a "guy movie". She gave a vague description of a gallery of men who applaud at sword fights and death.

Well, Steve said it was my choice, and though I enjoy torturing him with lame chick flicks as much as the next gal, there weren't any showing, so we agreed to see "Stardust". With half an hour before the show started the bored ticket guy said there were plenty of seats left. Not a good sign, but we bought our tickets and sat down.

While I would not rate this as a top notch movie, it was enjoyable on both a fairytale/chick flick level and on a comedy in the vein of Princess Bride or Monty Python. It is not as well-pulled together as either of those. It is missing the non-stop perfection of the Princess Bride and isn't as over the top as Monty Python.

If you are offended by any mentions of witches or acts of witchcraft, even of the fairy tale kind, you will probably be offended by this movie, but as the [SPOILER ALERT] bad guys all get it in the end, it struck me as the old fashioned good-vs.-evil, fairy tale type story, it was just a bit of harmless fun kept from being so good as to be boring.

Robert DeNiro is hysterically funny. There is now a mental picture of him in my head that will probably intrude on every serious role I ever see him in in the future.

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