Friday, January 02, 2009

Apologies, dear readers...

I have been reading my recent posts, and frankly some of them are awful, whinning drivel. Oh why won't people come to my party? Perhaps becasue I ask so hesitantly. And yet, this last time I had a house full. They weren't all the people I thought would come, but so what? It was a wonderful blend of people all of whom were great fun and very special.

Plus, we've started a regular game night. It's mid-week due to a friend's work schedule, so that is self-limiting. It limits how late we play and how many people we are likely to invite because of work the next day.

We have been invited to Thanksgiving and New Year's with friends two years running, and spent new years morning with another group of friends who have a regular breakfast followed by broom ball on a frozen lake nearby.

I sat and watched, because I didn't want to mess up a test I am doing to see how wheat/gluten affect me, but I wish I had played. It looked like so much fun and I want to PARTICIPATE, not sit on the sidelines.

So...I'm thinking, maybe we should invite a bunch of people over for some kind of weird outdoor game. Maybe badmitton or crouquet.

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