Monday, May 01, 2006

I just bought a chandelier.

I wish I could really write about all the many details of fixing up this house. Sometimes it seems overwhelming and like it will never get done, but lately, I feel hopeful--as if this is a project that really will be completed soon.

The hardwood floors were just installed in the living room, hall and staircase. Oh my, they are beautiful and just scream at me to finish the room quickly. The trim work needs to be done to match the downstairs ( which I designed and had installed specially for us). Then the painting needs to be done. Much as I love the red walls, Steve doesn't, and I have decided that it will be much easier to decorate with more muted wall color, and it will be more calming and peaceful as well. Life is stressful enough that our homes should be relaxing and welcoming. The red is very beautiful, but high energy. I think I may leave one wall that color, but I haven't decided yet.

Then we need to furnish the space. I have drawn a sketch of what I want and Steve even agrees (gasp!). I've gone hunting for the furnishings, but haven't found the English club furniture that I'm looking for. The ones I have found don't have the right kind of legs, or don't have them in the right place, so the look is wrong. Also, the fabrics are wrong. The only place I've found that seems to get it right is Crate and Barrel and ultra high priced places mentioned in Architectural digest and House Beautiful. The prices are unbelievable. I'm hoping I can find them SOMEWHERE. Perhaps if I sell enough houses this year I can just bite the bullet and buy the real stuff. After all, I intend it to be a lifetime purchase. If you buy decent stuff, you should be able to pass it down to your children.

But back to the chandelier. I've been looking at marvelous chandeliers for 300-400 dollars and up. Today I decided to go with Steve to Longmont while he paid for yet another contractor's license in yet another municipality (they all just want money). While he went in, I decided to check out the main street shopping, looking for thrift stores, antique stores...whatever. Not half way from the corner I walked into a thrift store to aid people with alcoholism. It didn't really have anything that called out to me, so I went up the wide stairs toward the back of the store and wandered around up there. Part of what I'm looking for is big art and travel know, coffee table books as they are sometimes called. They didn't really have anything, but as I was turning the corner to go back downstairs I spotted it: the chandelier. and with a price tag of $14.99. I mean, seriously. 15 bucks for an absolutely awesome chandelier and the guy loaded it into my pickup bed for me and helped me cinch it down. Even if I have to have it rewired, at most I'm out $100. I can't wait to hang the glorious thing above my dining table.

In fact, I think I'll head to the truck now and see about getting it wired yet tonight.

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Beth said...

I can't believe you plan to paint over the Opera House Red - in my mind, that has symbolically defined you for a while now :-)