Friday, May 05, 2006

Things for the garden

oh, one more thing. I have herbs and bags of manure and peat for my planter bed still sitting in the back of the truck from yesterday. There's nothing like fresh basil, rosemary, sage, thyme, or cilantro, unless it's fresh tomatoes, grown in your own yard. I've tried with tomatoes, really I have. I had large healthy-looking plants with lots of large leaves, nice flowers and not a single tomato.

I need to try again, but the yard is torn up due to the sprinkler system being put in along with a lot of other yard work being planned for early this summer.

Anyway, it rained today, for hours and hours, so I didn't get them into the ground. It may still freeze tonight, so I'm heading out to bring in my precious herbs. Oh and the wild blue flax I picked up at Hillside Gardens. If you've never been there and live in Colorado Springs, you have got to go there. Come prepared for a quick soda and a snack in their charming cafe. Wander the gardens looking at the plants and truly unique lawn sculpture and assorted gates, fence sections and more, many of which at least appear to be old. They have these great bells (for the wind to sound as they hang from your trees). They looked familiar, so I took a closer look. I was given one at my friend Sandra's garage sale last year, but the same ones are selling for well over $30. I knew as soon as I heard mine that I simply had to have it. I get enormous pleasure from hearing it's simple sounds as the wind plays with my tree. Because it is quite heavy, it only plays when the wind gains some strength, so I can tell when the wind is blowing in a change in the weather.

I wish you could hear it. It has sounded a bit as the latest cold front blew through. Sometime tomorrow I expect it to ring again as the warm weather we are promised makes it's arrival in time for the weekend.

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Beth said...

Remember the time you helped me plant window boxes of pansies? Thank you! Mitch bought pansies this year, painted the window boxes deep green to match the trim on the house, planted them and set them out just in time for the season's last snow sprinkling the other night.

Is your stuff all planted yet?