Sunday, May 14, 2006


Come along with me to some of my favorite places:

1. The Comfortable Home in Kittredge, followed by antiqueing in Evergreen, or back to Golden to wander the streets and stop in at Woody's for pizza, or their famous cheese soup.

2. Off the Back Porch in Woodland Park, with a stop in the Mexican import shop along Hwy 24, and donuts or soup at the Donut Mill.

3. Downtown Colorado Springs. The Silent Woman, Mt. Tejon, Whickerbills, The Lark II, followed by a wonderful lunch at El Tesoro.

4. Decorating Den outside of Larkspur, followed by a trip to my favorite little gift shop in Larkspur (what is the name?) and lunch at the coffee shop or anywhere recommended by the proprietoress of the gift shop. Perhaps a spin through the art gallery/shop in Monument before heading back home.

5. Park Meadows Mall. Restoration Hardware, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn (yes I know we have one in Colorado Springs, but it's SMALL), The Container Store and The Great Indoors. That may be two trips.

6. Antiqueing in Florence.

7. Pueblo Riverwalk. Walk the river, then antique down main street and stop for pizza at what looks like a hole in the wall. Just wait!

8. Thrift shopping in Aspen, Vail and/or Breckenridge! What fun!

9. Maybe you want to go to Jackalope for pots, wander around inside looking at dishes, furnishings, gifts, etc. before finding someplace to go for a sandwich and a latte.

10. The Hillside Gardens in Colorado Springs. Wander around picking up plants, garden sculpture, wind chimes, old gates or fence sections, wonderful pots, and more. Plan to stop in for a light lunch in their cafe.

11. South Broadway in Denver. I've heard it called The Antique Mile, though I've never gone through every shop to see how far you can go.

12. 16th Street Mall, Denver. I can't wait to find out what treasures are in store.

13. I didn't get to spend much time in Longmont and I'd like to wander around and find the antique stores, the thrift shops, the unique and special, the local watering holes. Just for fun.

Come with me. I'd love to show you my world. In my world, even Home Depot may reveal treasures. Come garage sale-ing with me, or thrift shopping. I haven't hit all the local thrift stores yet, have you? I'm not looking for junk, but for wonderful items to enhance my life and to decorate my home. Remember my $15.00 chandelier I mentioned in an earlier post? I just found a few pieces of great wall art--totally my style, $15 for the pair at a used furniture store. And while I was there I picked up a funky set of coffee mugs with a parisian print on them for next to nothing.

You just have to be ready for adventure and play tourist everywhere you go. You never know what wonders you may find if you decide to check out life outside of WalMart, Applebees and Chili's.

Anyone up for a trip to the thrift stores and antique shops of Simla and Limon? Broadmoor thrift/consignment store?


Beth said...

Hey, I really like The Mountain Man in Manitou Springs, along with a gazillion other shops there and Old Colorado City - Pine Needle is another favorite. We just went there yesterday for Mother's Day and I can't wait to show you what I got :-) Also Ruxton's where #1 son just got his first coonskin (polyester of course) but in his price range from saved-up allowance :-)

And the antique store in Westcliffe - last I knew they had only one

Kim said...

Oh, we are going to have to go on adventures! I feel very Proverbs 31 when I buy my goods from afar.