Friday, May 19, 2006

Stand Up Comedy and a Kick In The Gut

Tonight was the Swing Dance and Comedy Night at our church. If you read my blog regularly you know that I have been a bit nervous about this, but it went well. I guess all that time spent practicing telling my stories to friends and then specifically practicing for this evening in my car paid off. I was surprised and delighted to hear that the things I find funny brought out some pretty big laughs with the crowd. Thank you very much, I'm back on Sunday.

I forgot to do my schtick on men and football, but I did throw in some stuff about the closet organizer, men and shoes, construction workers picnic, Men Don't Have Teas, Steve's first and last time dancing (why you should NEVER laugh at men) and then stuff about the kids. This last wasn't rehearsed at all, but was based on the following:

I got a call from Craig as we were on our way to pick up a bite to eat before this evening's festivities. "Mom...I'm getting married." Well I'm confused. I believe that he is in an all male detachment where he is, so who is he marrying? I really can't speak other than to say, "Wow." He kept talking to fill the silence. Then I finally asked "What kind of a person is she?" "She's a God-fearing Christian woman." Well, Craig's only 21, so it's hard to imagine he's marrying a WOMAN and not a girl. Hey, I should know. Steve was a VERY mature 20, and I an even more grown-up 17 when we got married. We were stupid, young, naive and in for some very tough times. Anyway, before we got off the phone I managed to insult my son by pointing out his lack of financial control and how he is likely to drive any woman insane. I also managed to choke out congratulations, even though this is the second of my children in the last few weeks to tell me they are marrying someone I: a) have never met, b) don't know so much as their last name and c) may not meet before the wedding. (Actually Kristen says I'll meet Paul prior to the wedding.) Craig is apparently getting married at a county courthouse and so it is likely I won't even be invited. I could just cry. Oh wait, that's already happening.

Things are so different now. I feel like Tevya in Fiddler On The Roof. I want to start signing "Tradition! Tradition!" Oh my. My parents not only met Steve before we started dating, he asked permission to date me and to marry me. The fact that my parents were insane enough to grant such permission doesn't negate that we followed the traditional route.

I don't know what the deal is. Are we so scary that no one wants us to meet the people they date? Of course, Kristen lives in another state, so meeting anyone she would date would present a bit of a problem. She did introduce us to the guys she dated when she lived in town, at least most of them. I've met only a couple of girls that Craig calls "friends". I've never known if they were really dating or not, though I seem to recall that the one girl who made unique jewelry may have been some kind of girlfriend. Anyway, he's known this girl for two years. I've never met her. Did I mention that already?

Well, after talking to Craig, I called Alex, just back from his freshman year at college, and asked if he was planning to call me sometime soon to announce his marriage plans. "I'll wait 'til August." Well, good. Perhaps by then the house will be done, I can put it up for sale and move to Italy.

I wonder if I'm being overly dramatic, but as much as I love my kids, want them to be happy, and hope they are making wise decisions, I feel as if I am cut off from their lives. And now, I get the dreaded "Mother In Law" title back again. It's one thing to be mother in law to your daughter's husband, it's quite different to be one to your son's wife. She (rightly so) gets to take first place as the most important woman in his life. I get the scraps. Not only that, but from here on out, I have to walk on eggshells hoping not to hurt and offend this girl I've never met, so that I can hope to avoid the hatred reserved for mother in laws by the wives of their sons.

I just wanted a little more time to enjoy how well my kids are turning out without the pressure of trying not to offend new people by being ME.

The reviews are in. Steve thought I did "surprisingly" well and had good timing. He's the toughest crowd there is, so that's pretty high praise. Maybe next time I'll do a bit about Christians and different churches, saints and sanctimony. I actually hope I get another opportunity to do this. I really enjoyed it. I just hope I don't get new material on the way to the gig.

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Beth said...

I'm so happy it went well - all that last bit is crying not laughing material but still you manage to make it both.