Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Your Opinion, Please

I bought these wooden panels to use in the entry, as the backdrop for hooks to hang up a coat or hat as you come in. I bought two different types of hooks over the past month or so and wonder what you think I should use. The large hooks would only allow for three hooks altogether, but they are pretty neat, with old postage stamp style art work mounted in the center. The smaller hooks are handcrafted iron hooks purchased on a recent mountain expedition.

The panels are small cupboard doors rescued from a house being torn down in Red Rock Canyon. I like the color, I like the rustic feel of using them as is, but may be willing to repaint and fill in the holes where hardware used to be. I thought of possibly handpainting Italian countryside scenes in the center of the panels if I use the small black hooks. What do you think? I have seen old hardware and old cabinetry and/or wood scraps put together for interesting (and pricey) wall art and/or hooks before, but thought this was a little different than what I've seen, and besides, I found all the pieces, so it would be uniquely mine.

Please vote for the large or small hooks. If you go for the small hooks, should I paint Italian country scenes in the center of the panels?


Beth said...

Oh, dear, does it have to be one vote? As is, I vote for the large hooks - waaaay more appealing than the small naked black hooks. However, as I said, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING, and if you decide to paint Italian countryside scenes in the middle of the small-hook-panels, then I am certain I will prefer those.

Kim said...

Did I mention I am thinking about taking a watercolor class? it's kind of expensive, so I need to find a different one than I got information about. I think you're right about the hooks, although I like the black hooks so much (and bought so MANY of them) that I need to find a great use for them. Maybe I'll hang them in the kitchen for tying herb bundles from the garden.